The Launch Runway 101

Here’s what’s waiting for you once you become a member:

1: Revealing The New Evergreen Content System: The single most important factor to embracing the new way to create leveraged micro content, that actually brings in an audience of buyers. Discover how to (easily) take your content you already have so that it builds a list of buyers. You’ll learn why most content creation misses the mark right now and it’s leaving pockets of people that are waiting for you to deliver them the RIGHT content. 

Imagine how much easier and fun it will be to assemble your evergreen content that converts when you can simply follow the fill-in-the-blank templates and formulas for each section!

2: Uncovering Your Binge Worthy Irresistible Content:  

Today, evergreen content will separate you from the competition and position you as the established, credible authority that you are!  How do you create binge worthy evergreen content with the content you already have? You’ll discover that in this section.

Discover how to create 4 pieces of micro content from your already created content that amplifies your message. Plus learn 20 language patterns to captivate your future buyers. 

3: Unleashing Your Behavior Based Content System: You’ll discover the secret to doubling your audience and learn the quickest way to set up your NEW content system that easily builds your list of buyers. BONUS:  This is hands off for you once it’s set up.

You’ll Discover:

  • My unique approach to evergreen content: including what to set up, what to look for and how to keep it bringing in a new audience that converts.
  • How to build your list of buyers and is hands off for you
  • The easiest way to have new followers turn into buyers, on automatic. 

4: Building Up Your TLC System For Sales: How to create your TLC so you turn Instagram followers into buyers. Plus learn the single most important element in your freebie that almost no one is using (and will turn you into an automatic authority!) 

  • Discover my process for creating a freebie and landing page that converts your audience from followers to leads
  • Learn the simple most important element in your freebie that almost no one is using
  • Get the exact process to set up a landing page that converts at 40% or higher.
  • 7 Steps to setting up a great freebie (plus how to write a great headline!)

Bonus 1: My Content Process Maps and Guide: The PLUG and PLAY new content process maps and execution guide. The exact way to turn one piece of content into four pieces of content using different platforms. One piece of content becomes 4 that you can use for IGTV, IG stories, Facebook, Blogs, Podcasts and more! 

  • The Instagram + Instagram Stories Process
  • The Facebook Process
  • The Video Headline Process
  • 20 Powerful and Influence Copy Patterns to Write Engagement Based Captions for Instagram + Facebook 
  • The Objection Busting Formula: The formula to creating content that busts your clients objections so you can turn Nos into Yeses.

These complete content processes and more available inside! 

Bonus 2: List Magic: Don’t you need a list to get started? Yes. That’s why I show you how to create one! The 7 Step Process to create a freebie that creates desire and demand for your paid for product. PLUS get The Landing Page Process and Freebie Process so you get the exact steps to building a lead magnet that converts. 

Bonus 3: Tech Vault: Tech Vault to help you easily set up your Digital Product with ANY tech level (even if you're a newbie!) (PLUS Videos featuring low cost + FREE tech tools!) 

Bonus 4: Content Like a Pro Content Templates + 96 Content Ideas: 96 Content Ideas for pieces of content that your audience ACTUALLY wants to engage with and respond to. 

5 Modules

BONUS: The Content Engine

Deploying Your Evergreen Content System To Turn Readers Into Buyers Quickly In Between Your Launches

If you could turn 1 piece of already created content into 3-5 pieces of leveraged content to use between your launches to grow your audience of the right people, so that your launch is larger, better, easier and profitable, with lower ad costs, would you do it? Yes, right?

That’s exactly what you will discover in this system!

Your MAGIC Content: The RIGHT Content that WORKS

How do you know what content you should create that will WORK for you? Watch these two short videos to find out! 

Tech Tutorials and Templates

Learn how to create your assets and use tech in this module.

Modules for this product 5
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