The Quantum Launch

12 Modules


Prep Week Starts October 4th and runs through October 8th. 

This is a BONUS to help you clear your blocks and find your creativity and passion in life again. AND to help you reduce stress and overwhelm. Our focus for Quantum Prep Week is to help you get a clear mind so you can open up to ALL the transformations that The Quantum Launch has for you. 

Prep Week will take place on zoom and also be streamed live inside The Quantum Launch Facebook group. You can either join us on zoom or inside Facebook. All the recordings will be posted here for you so you can watch and rewatch for maximum impact! 

Module 1: Seek Your Purpose

In this module you will set the vision for where you want to go. This module is key for setting you up for success to create an aligned business that you love. By the end of the module you will have clarity and confidence around your vision and how to create a business that supports the life you desire! 

Module 2: Hardwire

In this module you will learn how to create your Quantum Growth to become the CEO of your life by taking the steps of discovering who you are within. 

We will go through the process of what is holding you back and how to overcome it. What beliefs you have and learn if those beliefs are holding you back. You will go through the S.H.I.F.T process on how to create your higher self along with how you can transform yourself through forgiving others and yourself. 

Each lesson will dive deeper into understand your true self and will help you learn and overcome those stressful, overwhelming times and how you can find the calmness within yourself. How you can create and wire a new version of yourself to become the person you seek to be in your business and in your future. 

Module 3: Integrate

In this module you will learn the process how we can create a new identity and what steps it takes to make the shift from who you are now to who you are in your future. 

Each video we will get deeper into understand our new identity and learn how it is a process to get there. Creating a new identity doesn't happen overnight and through these videos you will see how you can create your future into reality. 

Through out each video we will go through the process of integrate, how to build yourself up into your future and understanding our mind, body and spirit. 

This module will help start to learn how to reparent yourself and how to understand that it is okay to let go. That is okay to connection to your future and how you can build yourself up by taking a step back and see what you need to do inside yourself. 

Module 4: Focus

In this module you will: 

  • Build and practice your daily routine for embodying your identity
  • Have clarity around your 1 year and 90 day goal.
  • Create your ladder of believability
  • Solidify your irresistable offer + messaging
  • Map out your SIMPLE Funnel
  • Get to WORK on your strategy!

BONUS: Business Bundle Processes

You get exclusive access to all of my swipe files, blueprints, and processes for the 10+ essentials you need to grow your business without the fuss of figuring it out on your own.. Want to launch a book or a podcast? Yep, those are just a few things that are included in this in-depth Quantum Launch Blueprint Bundle.

  • Video Series Email Swipe File
  • Video Series Blueprint , Calendars, & Examples
  • Funnel Creation Blueprint
  • Book Launch Blueprint
  • Podcast Launch Blueprint
  • Email Welcome Series Swipe File
  • Create Your High Converting Freebie Bundle
  • Landing Page Blueprint
  • Sales Page Blueprint & Swipe File
  • Write Your High Converting Webinar Stack
  • Webinar Swipe File

BONUS: The Ultimate Launch Manifestation Toolkit

Discover how to get into your BEST, MOST ALIGNED launch energy. Remove doubts and limiting beliefs and feel confident in your money manifesting ability!

This toolkit will help you to:

✓Shift your beliefs around the EASE of attracting money.

✓Align your vibrational frequency so that you can feel energetically abundant.

✓Prime your subconscious and step into your QUANTUM CEO Identity that attracts your dream clients and fully book your programs.

✓ Listen daily before and during your launch so you can energetically prepare.

Special Gift 1: Hypnosis, Meditation + Subconscious Reprogramming Audios

Use these to reprogram your mind to step into the roll of content expert! 

Subconscious Priming Hypnosis and audio pack to remove doubts and feel confident in your content creation ability! (value $97)Listen to these audios everyday for 21 days & delight your new found confidence to create amazing, aligned content.These audios will help you to:

  • shift your beliefs around the EASE of content creation
  • align you with the vibration frequency of high-vibe content that leaves you feeling energized
  • prime the reticular activating system to subconsciously focus on creating the right content so you stand out (value $97)
  • 3 Audios Included!
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